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Optimize performance of AMD opteron

Question asked by erotavlas on Feb 12, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by stroia

Hi all,


I'm new of this forum. I have a lot of question for you . I have a full AMD system with 4 CPU AMD Opteron 6168 and I would like to achieve the best performance from it. Let's me start:

1) I'm using GCC latest version and I would like to know the main differences with open64. I know only GCC and I have never used open64. Is this compatible also with the processors of the other vendors? Which is better between them?


2) What are the best option the get the best performances with my system and GCC compiler?


3) The ACML can be used with GCC. I would like to know if the library require a direct call of the functions from the library or if it used from the compiler to optimize automatically the performance.


Thank you




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