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X11 on AMD, AMD SDK: nVidia broken?

Question asked by eudoxos on Feb 7, 2012

(oops I mistakenly clicked on "assumed answered" and it does not let me put it back...)


Hi, I have AMD SDK 2.5 installed with Catalyst drivers 8.881 and nVidia's drivers 290.10. The X-server is using the AMD's card. When I run clinfo, I see the nVidia's platform, but when extensions are being determined, I obtain

ERROR: clBuildProgram(-11)

Debugger points me to depths of and then strlen in glibc. The nVidia driver is loaded, but no Xserver is running on the card.


The code links again't flgrx's -lOpenCL. Can that be an issue?


The nVidia was working (running Xserver and computing OpenCL stuff) before I got the main AMD card now, then it broke.


Thanks for any hints.