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kernel not executed/empty buffer returned using pyopencl

Question asked by muogoro on Feb 6, 2012
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Hi all!!! I'm trying to implement the AES encryption with ECB mode of operation using OpenCL. So far, I've only implemented the first step of the algorithm (the key scheduling part). Moreover, I wanted to first have a serial working encryption of a single block, and only after that spread the encryption to multiple working items. Here the code:


- opencl source:

- python host:


As you can notice, I'm using the pyopencl bindings. I'm almost sure that the problem is related to my opencl code and not the the python bindings since other code with the same bindings works perfectly. The kernel compile without problems, but when it's executed, the array copied from the read-write input buffer is always empty. This one is my first opencl (and generally, gpu-oriented) program as you could notice from the naive implementation (only global memory is used etc.).


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