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AmdFFT consumming lots of memory when called multiple times

Question asked by choks on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by djohn

Good day,


I was planning to test using AmdFFT for some OpenCL BOINC projets, but I discovered that after calling clAmdFftEnqueueTransform many times, my machine ran out of memory.


I can reproduce the problem with the x86_64 stock client:

./clAmdFft.Client -g -x 1048576 -p 20 -> runs fine

./clAmdFft.Client -g -x 1048576 -p 20000 -> eats more than 3 Gb of RAM and goes up until my machine run out of swap space.


It looks affecting only the GPU, because the same command with the -c flags does not have this problem.


I'am using latest 11.12 drivers, AmdFFT (clAmdFft-1.6.236.tar.gz), debian 64 and HD6950.