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    fp_khr_fp64 on Cayman


      I have a Cayman card which I would like to use for double-precision computations. According to clinfo, cl_amd_fp64 is supported, but cl_khr_fp64 is not.


      1. What is exactly the difference betwen the two fp64? The document at khronos http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/extensions/amd/cl_amd_fp64.txt is  uninformative.
      2. Is cl_khr_fp64 going to be supported in a future version of the SDK for the Cayman hardware?
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          1) cl_amd_fp64 is the same as cl_khr_fp64 but the math functions are not guaranteed to have the same accuracy requirements, or produce valid results, but basic double precision will work.

          2) Yes, some last minute issues showed up and required us to disable cl_khr_fp64 support until they are fixed.