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HD7970-Kernel-Mode-Switch (KMS) Firmware Blobs

Question asked by xi7x980x on Feb 3, 2012
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Hello dear AMD-Crew!!


Since yesterday I´m a new owner of your greate new HD7970 I have used ATI/AMD-Products all my life, with an exception - NVidia-GT6600 in 2006 -. But with ATI/AMD I was more satisfied ever!


I use the Operation Systems:

MS Windows Vista X86

MS Windows 7 X64

Gentoo Linux X64


When I was unpacked the new graphics card, and put it in my computer, launched the Setup-Disk, I was confused first: The Installer didnt recognize any graphics aperture, ran out with "no matching graphics found - will exiting Setup now" - Certainly was afraid, but guys in a forum said, that this could be, because the graphics card is available only a few weeks. They told me a site, where I found a MS Win 7 X64 driver (The RC) - I installed, and Win7 runs pretty fine now!!! The Drivers (like Catalyst V 12.1) from the official AMD WebPage don´t recognize, too. Unfortunately, my Vista needs to run without a driver now, because, I couldnt find any for it. Only Win 7 is satisfied. I don´t use Vista often, therefore, its not very "painful" in the Moment.

More painful is for me, that the "Tahiti" - firmware blobs for Linux aren´t yet, too.

I read, that they are specially workarounds, but doenst know, whats true in this. More people speak, that this is in the Moment possible only with the fglrx - closedsource. But I don´t like the closedsource, with my older graphics from ATI/AMD (HD4890) KMS gaves me all, that I ve needed, the fglrx ran a little slower and didnt give me the nice 1920x1200 Resolution in the Console.

Now my question: When will the "tahiti"-firmware-blobs come out? In gentoo-forum told me, that I would have to wait minimum 2 months... This would be terrible for me. However, the card I ve already loved in

I know, this is an suggestion only: I ve read, the tahiti is an further development of the CAYMAN. Would it be possible, built in CAYMAN-blobs? Or absolute won´t work this? Or worse: May I damage my new card doing this?


I would be very very happy, get an reference. I dont already know, which places of informations I can trust. So much different informations can be found in the www, abd every knows more than the previous


Thanks thanks a pretty lot for your answer!!!