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Compiler Time Limits still present?

Question asked by corry on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by jeff_golds

So, we have an IL kernel, tried doing some optimizations, and got slower speeds....took the code out entirely, got slower speeds..checked the ISA code....For some reason, taking code out/optimizing it to use less code resulted in scratch register usage!  Not only did it result in scratch register usage, it resulted in scratch register usage *all over the place*, I mean like scratch register texture blocks for every 5 or so lines of ALU code.  The IL code appears to use maybe 70-80 me this looks like the old compiler gave up optimizing and dumped evertthing to scratch regs.  Am I correct?  Is this still the behavior of the system?  I had thought people complained so incessantly about it aroung 11.4 that it was at least going to be removed...Was I mistaking?  I hadn't run in to this yet, so I assumed it was gone since I have some pretty awful compile times on some kernels aready.  Granted this one takes the cake (though its not that complex).