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Eyefinity Display Group == SLS ?

Question asked by syncro on Jan 31, 2012
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as my c#-approach did not work and no one seems to can help me out ( ), i started to code in c so i checked the corresponding eyefinity sample delivered with the ADL SDK. I can compile the sample code and also getting the right results as long my primary display is in a eyefinity display group and there is no other eyefinity display group.


That means i will not get any eyefinity information, when i set up two or more eyefinity display groups (for example 2* 2x1 displays). Also i dont get any eyefinity information when one display is extended and the rest is an eyefinity display group. (for example 1 + 2x1), independent which display is the primary display for my OS (win7). The only information i get is EYEFINITY DISABLED for display index 0.


Summarized: I only get eyefinity information when there is only ONE eyefinity display group, no other groups, no extended displays.


Therefore my question is: Does Single Large Surface (SLS) means, that there must be only ONE eyefinity display group? Or: When i have two eyefinity display groups, do I have two SLSs?


Following to that: How do I have to change the sample code, that I can get the eyefinity display group information in a multigroup setup (for example 2* 2x1 displays) ?