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    Problems with Open64 on 64-bit filesystem




      We have installed Open64 and 4.5.1 on an HP X9000 system, with a 64-bit filesystem (64-bit inodes), and have found that it does not work in either of the following cases:


      1) Open64 is installed on the 64-bit file system. Attempts to compile source code (located on local disk, w/32-bit inodes) fail with error message:

                gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory

      If the file tree is copied to local disk (with 32-bit inodes) compilations succed.

      2) The source code is located on the 64-bit file system. With a local copy of Open64 and the source code on 64-bit filesystem compilation fails with error message:

                cc1: error: test.c: Value too large for defined data type

      Copying the source code to local disk (32 bit fs) the same compilation succeeds.


      We suspect this is a bug caused by use of 32-bit system calls, or something similar. Since it's dependent on the location of the source code, it makes use of Open64 too cumbersome for our users.


      I couldn't find anything about this in the forums or the knowledge base. Is this a known issue, and is there any workaround? If not, may we hope it might get fixed in an upcoming release?




      Johan Alvbring

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          Hello Johan,

          Can you please verify if all of the machines you are usuing Open64 compiler on satisfies the 32bit package dependacies?

          The easy way to do this could be to build 32bit executable and run it successfully on a particular machine.  The Open64 compiler binaries  shipped are of 32bit type but can generate code for both 64bit and 32bit machines.  By default many x64 systems dont have 32bit packages installed; which are required to build/run 32bit executabls.


          We are wokring on  64bit binaires of the compiler; will update as and when its ready.


          Let me know if this helps you.




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              Hi Santosh,


              Thanks for your quick answer! The machines on which we've been testing this do satisfy the 32-bit dependencies. Performing a local install works fine, as does copying the installation from the network FS. As far as we can determine, the issue is storing either compiler binaries or source code on an FS with 64-bit inodes. If we export the installation off the local machine (w/32-bit inodes) with NFS, it works. If I understand you correctly, this is not a known issue?


              I believe a fully 64-bit binary should resolve this problem.





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              If I understand from HP's documentation: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=130&prodSeriesId=4132769&prodTypeId=18964&objectID=c01956255  The X9000 NAS server has a mode of 64-bit mode that can be enabled if all the clients run 64-bit applications.  In this mode, 32-bit processes can not run.


              Open64 is currently built as a 32-bit process - hence I expect your observations match the HP X9000 documentation that says 32-bit clients can not run if hosted on a 64-bit only filessytem.  In the short run, I think you'll need to provision a 32/64 bit filesystem to run Open64.  There is some work in making Open64 run as 64-bit process but not anything ready to use at present.