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CAL 12.1 in KernelAnalyzer cannot compile IL code source

Question asked by drallan on Jan 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by bpurnomo

Normally, the Kernel Analyzer will compile either opencl or IL source.


After installing CAL 12.1 preview, and selecting CAL 12.1 as the compiler under options, the Kernel Analyzer will not compile any IL code that is placed in the source window. Selecting other CAL versions still works correctly as before. Symptoms include:


When trying to compile IL code in the source window.

1. It produces an empty Object code window if the KA has not been used to compile CL code since opening.

2.If any CL program has been compiled since opening the KA, it compiles a hidden copy of the IL code produced

from the now absent CL code, instead of the IL code in the source window.

3. If you edit the IL source making an error (say change 'mov' to 'mox') it will report this error in the IL code.

4. If you fix the mov/mox error, it will again compile the hidden previously compiled IL code.


Has anyone compiled IL code in the Kernel Analyzer with 12.1 or know other ways to see binary output?

(required to optimize and demonstrate the amazing superior computational power of AMD GPU hardware)