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Question asked by corry on Jan 24, 2012
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I appreciate the recent handing out of developer e-mail addresses for questions/problems, and when I thought it was just for my issue which is probbaly on the fringe of what most people's usage is, I figured, they just don't want IL cluttering up the forums, no big deal.  But I started reading other posts, and this seems to be the general answer now. 


Personalized attention is great, but all too often, different people, with different programs they're writing have the same issue, and private email isn't searchable by others. 


Are Micah, Lee, etc still on here?  I see most of this is coming from AMD Israel.  No big deal, but I suspect time difference will get to be an annoyance, and say, if these guys you're saying to email arent on the forums because of a perceived language barrier (obviously if they can e-mail a native english speaker, they should be able to post, thus I say perceived, we don't care if the english is good bad, or ok. we just want the info!)  I'm sure the old crew would welcome the help answering problems on here as well!


So, for the good of the community, Get these guys on the forums!