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    GPU PerfStudio 2.8 is publicly available


      GPU Developer Tools is pleased to announce that GPU PerfStudio 2.8 is publicly available from AMD Developer Central at:




      GPU PerfStudio 2.8 Improvements

      • New Properties Window added to display text based data
        • The previous text based windows have been replaced by a single properties window
        • The default stage layouts have been edited to use this new window
      • Shader Debugger
        • Constant table UI improvements
        • More assembly shaders are now debuggable
        • Fix for the register mask of the last instruction being black
        • The contents of the Shader constant table can now be saved to disk
      • Shader Editor now supports relative paths
      • Profiler
        • The Profiler now gives the user feedback as the profile is taking place
        • Single Draw Call Profiling is now supported
        • Ability to perform a profile a specific number of times
        • Support for 7000 series Performance Counters
        • Reduced the memory overhead when many counters are used in a profile
      • Advanced Picture Viewer
        • Now saves to disk the image that you actually see (i.e. the channels the user selects)
        • DDS Support for DXGI_FORMAT_R32_UINT
      • Client connection dialog now saves settings upon connection
      • OpenGL
        • Support for OpenGL debug context