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    APP and FPGA DMA


      Is DMA possible between AMD GPUs and any FPGA boards? I've seen no mention of it being done thus far. If this capability is not available, does anyone know if AMD is looking into this?

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          Something that I would be interested too. NVIDIA has GPU Direct for that case.


          Is there anything similar in AMD cards/drivers available?


          Our company would like to have an FPGA that acts as a DMA Master and writes it's data into GPU memory (e.g. an E8860 with dedicated GPU memory).


          So my question is, is it possible to get a pointer to a texture allocated within the E8860 that can be provided to the FPGA as a PCIe bus address?

          We have a working FPGA design that streams it's data to the CPU system memory (linux based), but we would like to stream in dedicated AMD GPU memory.


          Is that possible, are there any examples how to do that, or is there any information at all?