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System graph and System tasks tabs missing

Question asked by milos on Jan 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by fswehosky
(only System data tab shows up)

I installed CodeAnalyst 3.1.4 (newest version) today, using the RHEL5U6 RPMs, as well as the Kernel Modules.  I used command rpm -iv rpmname, and set up the permissions, paths, etc.

It seems to work fine, but while the manual:

suggests that there should be three tabs ("System data","System graph", and "System tasks"), after running a profile (time or event, following tutorial in Chap 8 of the user guide linked above), I only ever see the "System data" tab and the other two don't show up.

Any ideas why this is?  I thought it might be a limitation of the Linux version, but the examples shown in the PDF User guide show a system running linux, so I guess that can't be it..