KernelAnalyzer 11.11 on System without AMD GPU

Discussion created by Marix on Dec 22, 2011
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Missing aticalrt.dll

I installed the AMD Kernel Analyzer 11.11 and APP SDK 2.6 on my non-AMD-GPU equipped Laptop (actually in VMWare) to analyze some register utilization issues. While previous version (e.g. Kernal Analyzer 11.7) worked fine in this setup the 11.11 version fails with the following error:

--------------------------- AMDAPPKernelAnalyzer.exe - Systemfehler --------------------------- Das Programm kann nicht gestartet werden, da aticalrt.dll auf dem Computer fehlt. Installieren Sie das Programm erneut, um das Problem zu beheben. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

It seems to be missing aticalrt.dll, which I assume would normally be provided by the GPU driver. However I also though the Kernel Analyzer brought it's own version of that, to be able to emulate different driver version. Am I doing something wrong, or is this kind of setup no longer supported?