fatal error running histogram.exe sample on A4 3300m APU

Discussion created by zaf on Dec 21, 2011
on both SDKs 2.5 and 2.6

I bought a new Samsung laptop with an A4 3300M APU with Radeon 6480G, running Windows Home Premium SP1.  

I downloaded and installed the latest AMD drivers, then installed SDK 2.5 (this was late last week).  I got a fatal error running one of the samples, then installed SDK 2.6, and got a different fatality.

Everything is 64 bit; Windows, drivers, etc. 

SDK 2.5.  Histogram.exe produced a fatal error: system froze completely then screen went blank, then Windows' blue screen popped up, and proceeded with a memory dump.  It refered to a file, something like amd_cfg or ati_cfg.  Nothing could be done but an 'unplanned restart'.  No other samples that I tried caused this.

SDK 2.6.  (After uninstalling SDK 2.5 first).  Much the same as 2.5, except Windows never gets to the blue screen, (running Histogram.exe), it freezes solidly before then.  I have System Monitor running, and cpu usage never goes up; so it's not busy, it's just dead.  Again, nothing can be done but a reboot.

Two other, non-fatal errors, errors that I noticed (SDK 2.6):

FluidSimulation2D.exe - console output:

Platform 0 : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Platform found : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Selected Platform Vendor : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Device 0 : BeaverCreek Device ID is 00000000023BE800
Expected Error: Device does not support cl_amd_fp64 extension!


KernelLaunch.exe - console output:

Device 0: BeaverCreek
Build: _WINxx release
GPU work items: 64
Buffer size: 1024
Timing loops: 1000
Repeats: 1
Kernel loops: 1
Batch size: 1

AVERAGES (over loops 2 - 999, use -l for complete log)

GPU kernel read of inputBuffer

clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(): 0.000131 s




I've barely begun programming with OpenCL so I can't help diagnose what the issue is with Histogram.exe, but maybe the other errors suggest an answer?  I suppose what-ever Histogram calls, and _only_ Histogram calls, would be suggestive of what's wrong. 

And why doesn't my device support cl_amd_fp64 extension?  And is the device, that FluidSimulation2D.exe refers to, the cpu or gpu?

As for KernelLaunch.exe, the output unfortunately doesn't state _what_ Failed, and Failed!