Confused about kernel precompilation and SKA

Discussion created by bubu on Dec 21, 2011

I have 5 kernels inside a .cl file.

I want to precompile them for ALL the AMD's platforms ( CPU+GPU ) and to output them to a .bin file.

After that, I wanna load the .bin file using clLoadProgramFromBinary(), assuming your CL implementation is very clever and it would load just the part for the user's specific hardware.

Now, using the SKA tool to precompile my kernels...I'm lost :D


Can the SKA tool save a .bin file with the precompiled kernels for ALL the AMD's platforms like the Intel's IOC tool?

I know I can use an amd extension for this but ... won't be easier with the SKA tool?

Do you support command-line precompilation like the Intel's IOC or the CUDA's nvcc? I don't like to deploy my kernel's source code with my app.