AMD APP SDK 2.6 Release notes

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Key features supported in SDK 2.6 and the Catalyst 11.12 drivers include:
• OpenCL runtime integration into Linux and Windows® Catalyst drivers.
• Inclusion of the Khronos C++ wrapper API.
• Multi-GPU support on Linux platforms.
• PX5 support.
• Preview: Support for AVX instructions on CPUs that support AVX.
• Support for FMA4 instructions in OpenCL built-in function libraries on CPUs that support
• Kernel reflection, query kernel parameters, and enable use of OpenCL kernels in data-driven applications.
• Support for atomic counters on APUs.
• Redesign of OpenCL run-time on CPU, significantly improving performance.
• Support for the cl_amd_media_ops2 extension, exposing hardware capabilities for
accelerating image-related processing.
• Async copies preview (set environment variable GPU_ASYNC_MEM_COPY=2 to enable).
The OpenCLTM 1.2 preview includes the following capabilities (requires 8.93.10 preview drivers):
• Host access flags for memory objects enables more efficient buffer handling.
• Pattern-based GPU buffer and image initialization eliminates need for certain buffer/image transfers.
• Memory objects migration supports early transfer of buffers in preparation for when they are needed.
• New generalized image creation API.
• Enhanced image/buffer map operations.
• OpenCL 1.2 CPU device partition, including partition of a CPU after addition to a context.
• Generalized 1D and 2D images, image arrays, and image<-->buffer interop.
The 8.93.10 preview drivers also enable use of the static C++ kernel language.
gDEBugger version 6.1 is a major improvement in performance and robustness over version 6.0.
It can be downloaded for use with this SDK from
• Integrated with Microsoft® Visual Studio®

APP KernelAnalyzer v 1.1:
• Support for AMD RadeonTM HD7000 series GPUs (compilation only, no analysis).
• Support for Catalyst revisions through 11.11.
• Support for compiling kernels with the installed driver (select Installed Driver under the CAL version in the Options panel).
• Format and Target Object Code are now separated.
APP Profiler v2.4 includes several key new features, including:
• A kernel occupancy analyzer that estimates, for each kernel dispatch, the number of in-flight
wavefronts on a compute unit as a percentage of the theoretical maximum number of
wavefronts that the compute unit can support. In addition to reporting the occupancy
percentage, the profiler can display a report that can help the developer achieve a higher occupancy percentage.
• The ability to navigate from the API trace to the source code that called an OpenCL API.
• Improved OpenCL API analysis that provides performance suggestions to the developer.
• The ability to filter which OpenCL APIs are traced.
• Several UI enhancements, including the ability to rename sessions from the Session Explorer
Window, and the ability to automatically delete Profiler sessions when closing a Microsoft®
Visual Studio solution®.
• Preview: Support for profiling with AMD RadeonTM HD7000 series GPUs (requires AMD APP
SDK v2.6 and an AMD Catalyst version that supports this hardware).
• HDRToneMapping
• OpenCLServices