Discussion created by c69 on Dec 15, 2011

This driver has ruined my system and may require a fresh OS install as DriverSweeper can not clean up the remnants of this  poor driver installation.

I installed this hoping to get the claimed small % improvement in Battlefield3. What the 12.1 drivers did was introduce frrequent BSOD and blackscreen/reboot failures, along with bad stutter.

So I uninstalled, ran driver sweeper and tried reverting to a prior version. Now my system is plagued with strange artifacts on two of the three monitors. It is as if the DisplayPort->VGA and HDMI->DVI monitors I am using only support 16 colors (only the DVI-DVI monitor works now), but instead of interpolating colors it only displays black/white and some of the primary colors, so the screens are mostly black with outline garbage.

12.1 Does something to the system or makes a  change to the graphics cards that they will no longer run eyefintiy unless I reinstall 12.1. I have tired 11.10, 11.11a/b/c and installing none of these fixes the damage done by 12.1 preview.

I have tried uninstall with and without DriverSweeper, have tried all the CCC options to fix. Nothing. Cannot revert to older drivers.

Summary: 12.1 preview drivers stutter/bsod and they modify the system so that prior drivers no longer work. I have spent 4 hours uninstalling/reinstalling drivers and system only works with 12.1 now and they cause stutter/bsod.

Sadly, only eyefinity users are going to see this problem.