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Discussion created by Meteorhead on Dec 14, 2011
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promises, promises...


I hate to dis other people's work, so I won't. I would only like to point out a promise that might have been made a little too hasty:

Mark Ireton stated: "...we will also be upgrading our OpenCL solution on a more frequent basis through the regular monthly Catalyst driver updates.  Look for a new section in the Catalyst driver release notes specific to OpenCL capabilities."

Am I the only one not seeing any OpenCL related section? It is nice that game performance increases are mentioned, but I believe that functional updates on the slightly more serious matter of GPGPU would be apreciated, specially if "promised". Although it is bad advertisment, it could save developers a lot of time if there was a "known issues" section of GPGPU, and also "resolved issues" and "new features" would be apreciated as well.