SDK 2.6 issues/questions

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Dec 13, 2011
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First of all let me start by saying that new runtime and SDK looks neat. Some release notes onto the webpage concerning new functionanlity would be nice, but it's still 13th, so no harm done. I have checked a few things, and here are my findings:

The issue about the needless insertion of atomics into one of my programs that should have only required sync now works without data becoming corrupt. I will need to verify this other than my laptop, but preliminary tests seem promising.

New samples are very neat, bug thanks for them (they'll come in handy very soon for my project). I would like to ask for one additional sample, that is not that simple, however many people would utilize it: as a followup of rendering to image, it would be nice to see some example of using built-in functions for encoding the image straight to H264 and have it saved as an avi on HDD.

SimpleGL example was broken (INVALID_KHR_SHREGROUP) in SDK 2.5. It did not bother me that much, as it was not crucial to me up so far. Now I'm starting to develop CL_GL share into a project of mine, but I have noticed that performance dropped significantly from SDK 2.4. Previously on my Mobility 5870, under Ubuntu 800-1200 FPS was normal, now it is 400-500 FPS. What hurts performance so much? If it is some new functionality concerning CL_GL share that comes at this cost, then I guess it is inevitable, but I think this is worth looking into.

I have not been able to check the reported booting issue on multi-GPU system, but I'll try to make it to the research center on thursday and check that also. Hope the system instability while running multi-GPU applications is a persistent solution.