OpenCL project without any OOP language

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Using C-language with C99 instead of C++ and C99 for OpenCL

Hi All,

(1) Is it possible to develop C99 OpenCL apps using just C language and

C99 language instead of C++ and C99 ?

(2) If yes, which C-language and for which OS ?

(3) Has anyone tried C & C99 combination ?

For those who wander why not to use C++:

A)  C++ is not needed in this project

B)  C-language offers all the features needed with C99

C) Although OpenCL API documentation refers to objects, please not that API is about FUNCTIONS - there no classes to create objects as in OOP! 

D)  C++ introduces extra delay compared to C-language

* this is our client's requirement based on their own experiences, not to be argued and it's true that OOP has its price to be paid i.e. lost speed

E) response times already are challenge with OpenCl

F) OpenCL specs V1.2 has some new features which (if rightly implemented) will improve speed

- however one may have to wait v1.2 implementation not to be available before summer 2012 !?

Thanks in advance!


ps. this topic is relevant and not to be "merged" (nor deleted, please!)





thanks in advance