Undefined references while compiling with mingw

Discussion created by morphet on Dec 11, 2011
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Good afternoon AMD aficionados !

I'm just begining developping with OpenCL and I'm running out with problems. At this point, my problem is that when I compile my test application I've got "undefined reference"(s) like this :

"undefined reference to `clCreateContext@24'"

Here is my build command :

gcc -o example -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD APP\include" -L"C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD APP\lib\x86_64" main.cpp -lOpenCL

Most of the time, as I saw on forums, the error occurs when the programmer forget the "-OpenCL" option at the end, but I didn't !

If someone knows what happens to my compilation, I would be very happy, as I want to start coding my own stuff as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance ;-)

undefined reference to `clCreateContext@24'