Comiling OpenMPI with Open64 and -Ofast (implying -ipa)

Discussion created by simonhmanc on Nov 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by santosh.zanjurne
Unable determine correct flags/config with "-ipa"

I want to compile OpenMPI 1.4.x (or 1.5.x for that matter) with Open64 with "-Ofast" which implies "-ipa".  I am unable to determine the correct flags to set.  With Open64 v5.0 and OpenMPI 1.4.3 with

CFLAGS="-Ofast -Xlinker -ipa -HP:bdt=2m:heap=2m -m64 -march=barcelona -CG:compute_to=ON"

for example, I get

libtool: link: /opt/gridware/compilers/amd/open64-5.0/bin/opencc -shared  .... -Wl, -o .libs/ asm/.libs/libasm.a: cannot mix regular and ipa objects in same archive.  Looks as if not all parts of the build are getting the "-ipa"?