2 32-bit shaders can be used to work as a 64-bit shader?

Discussion created by Tekamd on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by avk

I have 2 ATI 4670s in CrossFire, only 1 is connected to a monitor, and I would like to keep using them as double precision on newer OpenCL GPU clients, for proteing Folding, like GPU3 from Folding@Home. So do you expert guys think is possible somehow I can get double precision? I don't have money to buy better cards now, I live in a third world Country, technology is really expensive here.

Update: I mean I have 2x320 single-precision (32-bit) stream processors or shaders, right? so what I ask if there is a way to use 2 single stream processors to make them work as a double-precision one?