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    Manufacturing Bombshell - what next?


      After the Bulldozer disappointment, after Apple dumped AMD, after the "Manufacturing Bombshell" (Wichita and KrishnaAPUs canceled) - will AMD go down the drain?


        • Manufacturing Bombshell - what next?

          Bulldozer seems to be like Phenom story. First ones were publicly spat upon and series II were the real deal.

          It's fine concept that needs to be refined, which will happen in 6 months.

          Loosing Apple doesn't seem to cricitcal IMHO as Llanos are selling very well even without them.

          AMD's biggest problem is IMHO that it tries to attack Intel on all fronts ath the same time and so it is trying to play Intel's game, which is ludicruous.

          Also, it contradicts itself in many ways. First it shows HT links as a revolutionary step forward and then it ignores them and instead developing LEGO-style it tries to cram everything on one chip. And looses massive ammounts of time doing it.

          What is the point of having the GPU on the same die as CPU I'll never know. Same deal with memory controller. I theory, it gives one lower latencies. In practice, much of that advantage dissapears with compromises that have to be done to accomodate MMU &CPU circuitry and with time, needed for maintainig coherrence in multisocket systems.

          APUs would be cool it they were stiched from multiple dies on the same chip. 

          One die with memocontroller& L3, one with shitload of cores with L1/L2, third with GPU with perhaps a couple of RAMs...