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    Developing a VR application, need hardware advice...

      Building a VR application using Sony's new HMD... want to know if the two new firepro cards will handle it

      Hi all,

      My intention is to build a VR (eventually AR) system using Sony's new HMD/Personal Viewer. I want to use OpenGL (and quad-buffering) on a Linux system and I planned on using a FirePro card (specifically either the V5900 or V7900).

      The "problem" is that the Sony HMD gets its 3d information using the 3d streaming over an HDMI 1.4a connection.

      I know that it's been reported and indicated that you can do this using one of these two cards and a displayport->HDMI adapter.

      I was wondering if anyone has had success with this at all, or if I am misled at all in these cards' capabilities.