eglCreateContext: Context sharing between two EGLDisplays

Discussion created by gex2k11 on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2011 by gex2k11
Catalyst 11.10, Windows

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if context sharing between two EGLDisplays (two different windows) is allowed/possible, or if it's somehow restricted.

I initialize the first context with

EGLContext c1 = eglCreateContext(disp1, windowConfig, 0, contextAttributes);

the second with

EGLContext c1 = eglCreateContext(disp2, windowConfig, c1, contextAttributes);

With eglGetError then I get EGL_BAD_CONTEXT; and as a result c1 is EGL_NO_CONTEXT.

I assume the initialization of the displays to be correct, because separately they work.

Is this possible on Windows with Catalyst 11.10? or is it restricted? or might it be a bug?