Massive OpenCL performance drop with Catalyst 11.11

Discussion created by antzrhere on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by antzrhere
runs at 40% of speed compared to catalyst (11.5-11.10)

Just updated from Catalyst 11.10 to 11.11 and run my OpenCL program (voxel raytracer) now runs 2.5x slower on my 5870 compared to the previous catalyst release! Performance has plumetted from 28M rays/sec down to 12M.

I've updated every single catalyst release since acquiring my gfx card and this is a first. From Catalyst 11.5+ (basically since I started coding OpenCL) the speed has remained constant, apart from 1 or 2% increase each time. Is this a bug? (it has to be surely?!)

I've tried rolling back to 11.10 but the performance still sticks (there must be some files somewhere that aren't being removed)

What's happened? Is this just me?

Windows 7 64bit, ATI 5870.