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    OpenCL 1.2 support

      OpenCL 1.2 support for current and soon to be released hardware

      Is there anything AMD can tell us about future support of OpenCL 1.2 for current and soon to be released hardware?  I'm assuming that maybe some support will show up in the next APP SDK release in a few months (based on a 3-4 month release interval)?

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          Well, SDK release interval is 6 months, to be exact, but yeah, it should be due sometime around February.

          I'm a little disappointed that C++ hasn't made it into the specs, as it was well seen ahead that AMD will also support C++ features on the GPU. Now someone tell me: What is the point in AMD supporting C++ on a GPU, when practically there's no API that allows using it??

          C++ AMP as far as I understood only allows basic types to be passed to a kernel, no C++ functionality inside the kernel. OpenCL doesn't have C++ inside kernels...

          I know hardware has to come before the software, but the flexibility of OpenCL is that the standard can be made seperate from the HW, just knowing it's capabilities is enough. Has AMD made efforts in this direction? Because the new cards will support kick@ss features, but there is absolutely no way of using it, specially with CAL being taken away.

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            Sorry, we cannot discuss unreleased products, features or specifications.

            That being said, even though our SDK release is spaced at fairly large intervals, the OpenCL Driver/Compiler/Runtime components get updated monthly with the Catalyst driver.
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              I Agree that OpenCL 1.2 Support will be an excellent idea, and I would like to go a little further by adding the addition of two more extensions to the list... namely... "cl_khr_dx9_media_sharing" and "cl_khr_d3d11_sharing".