clAmdBlasTune reporting no device ID

Discussion created by tdma on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by kknox

I get "-1" from clGetDeviceIDs() when I run the clAmdBlasTune from the clAmdBlas 1.4 library.

Also, all precompiled examples return segmentation fault; same error when I compile an example and run it.

This is on opensuse 11.4 (64-bit) with an intel i5 cpu, only (laptop). And I have the SDK 2.5 installed, and all my other opencl programs compile and run fine.

Can I see the source code of the clAmdBlasTune? Is there specified to look only for GPUs? I have seen others reporting clAmdBlas runs on the CPU for them.

Any hint greatly appreciated.