Developing on Win64 but targeting Win32

Discussion created by KieranCoughlan on Nov 15, 2011
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CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE when targeting Win32 on Win64

Hi Folks,

I've only been a couple of weeks looking at OpenCL and AMD APP so forgive me if I've gone astray on this.

At the moment, as I wait for delivery of a suitable machine, I'm developing on an old Core 2 Duo system with Vista Pro 64-bit, CPU only. I noticed from the offset with SDK V2.5 that I could target x64 fine, but if I tried to build my exe or any sample as Win32, clBuildProgram would fail with error CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE (-11) and the build log reporting that "Internal error: Link failed. Make sure system setup is correct."

I was having a similar problem, I imagined, with AMD APP KernelAnalyzer which couldn't compile x86 source either. A forum post sent me in search of as.exe and ld.exe. I found amdocl_as.exe and amdocl_ld.exe, renamed them as.exe and ld.exe, respectively and placed a copy in the KernelAnalyzer directory, which cured that problem.

Following that, on a hunch, I copied these renamed files back to the AMDAPPSDKROOT\bin directory, so that I had new and old names simultaneously. Miracle of miracles, I can now build and run Win32 apps.

So, did I do wrong, or did I discover as small bug relating to the renaming of these files?