Enabling Quad Buffer Stereo with FirePro V4800

Discussion created by jounggj on Nov 14, 2011
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quad buffer stereo


I am trying to test quad-buffer stereo-scopic programming using my 3D monitor with active shutter glasses.

My system is,

- Core2Quad system

- Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit

- Monitor: Samsung S23A950D (w/ 3D support, active shutter glasses)

- Video Card: FirePro 3D V4800 1G RAM

- ATI driver: fglrx 8.892-0ubuntu1 (built from


Now, I have "Workstation" menu in "Catalyst Control Center". But, my monitor is active shutter glass-based 3D monitor. In the "Workstation" menu, only 3 options -- "Passive Sync (Dual Head)", "Passive with Horizontal Invert (Dual Head)", and "Passive with Vertical Invert (Dual Head)" -- are shown, and NO active mode option. It complains that the "Quad Buffer Stereo" is only enabled with Dual Head. So, I tried to connect 2 monitors -- S23A950D 3D monitor, and a SA550 monitor -- with DisplayPort and DVI cables, and set them in clone mode. After that, I could run the command "glxgears -stereo". That means, now I can get the quad-buffer stereo visuals.

However, my purpose is to get the quad-buffer stereo visuals with my S23A950D 3D monitor only.

Does anybody know whether FirePro v4800 supports active stereo mode or not? If it is possible, what's wrong with my settings?? Please, anybody help me setup the quad buffer stereo programming environment for active shutter glass monitors. That monitor has IR emitter for the glasses and takes frame-sequential stereo, side-by-side, top and bottom signals.

Thank you all..