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    Disabled Adapter: Can only use first GPU/graphics card for OpenCL

      disabled adapter, high CPU load

      Dear Sirs,

      I have a system with 3 x 6950 running under Windows 7 x64. Catalyst 11.10 (APP 2.5).

      Unfortunately when running OpenCL each GPU needs one full core of my CPU (100% load).

      When using an older Catalyst version I don't have this problem - but I can only "see" the first of my 3 GPUs.

      Question 1: Why does only the first GPU show up as "Primary Adapter" - and the two others as "Disabled Adapter"? Why are they "disabled"?

      Question 2: Is there a combination of Catalyst and APP that doesn't have this 100% load problem and where I can use all installed GPUs ?