Unable to start ATi Catalyst Control Center

Discussion created by Shooter__Andy on Nov 2, 2011
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Win7 32 bit, Gigabyte HD4850

I have a problem with CCC that I wouldn't ordinarily complain about, since I don't really need anything from it, except one thing - display over/underscan setting, which, apparently, can be modified exclusively from it. So I need to start it, but I can't. Everything installs fine and without any errors, but CCC just wouldn't start properly after that - it appears in the process list for a couple of seconds, does something and disappears without any error messages.

I've heard this problem is common for updating without complete deinstallation and I think that might be the case here, since Windows could've downloaded some version of a driver on its own when I installed it (~a week ago now), but I doubt it is the case.

Anyway, I've tried deinstalling the driver in every conceivable way, ending up with using specified programms like Revo Uninstaller Pro and removing EVERYTHING associated with CCC that was left on the disk manually, but it still doesn't work.

Is there any way to fix this? Because right now my display has very noticeable borders and the image is smaller than it should be, resulting in a blurry image, and I can't fix it without CCC.