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Kernel Analyzer 1.9 bug

Question asked by Meteorhead on Nov 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by rouellet
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There is a bug with Kernel Analyzer 1.9 which causes permanent lock-up of the tool:

I have tried to compile a kernel with the following two lines attached as code.

Since then, it fails to compile any kernel loaded from any place that has a for cycle, even after software restart. I have created a define that is usually a kernel parameter, but I wanted to investigate GPR usage and expected throughput of kernels and stuff, so I defined this variable so compiler has a chance of loop unroll.

However, it seems to have regarded the "define for offline" in a very bad manner, even though it was preceded by "//". Now it remembers this misbehavior and throws an error on every for cycle (even ones I load from other applications) saying:

Line 57: error: function
          "offline" declared implicitly
      for (uint i = *call; i < *call + 4u ; ++i)

However, the word offline isn't even present inside the kernel! So clearly it remembers something from earlier. As I have stated, this problem persists through application restart also. This is clearly a bug, so please do try to correct it.

Edit: What's more worse, is that it persists through reinstall of the application. Could you give me some hint how to make it go away?

// define for offline analysis #define percentage 0.15f