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    Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 14h Processors "Brazos platform"

      Software Optimization

          we are a medical company which develops mobile Ultrasound systems, we have used the Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family, but now we are switching to use the Brazos platform "AMD G-Series Processor with AMD Radeon HD Graphics" based on the Bobcat core.

      We need any documents which are related to the Brazos platform "AMD Family 14h" :

          1. Software optimization manual
          2. Compiler guidelines
          3. Graphic programming
          4. .. etc

      Many thanks,
      Abdelghani Ouchabane

        • Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 14h Processors "Brazos platform"

          AMD does not have a separate Family 14h optimization guide.

          From your product web pages, it looks like your product uses a Linux variant?  Architecture-specific model and tuning information was added in gcc 4.5 for Brazos architecture under the flag "-march=btver1", so would recommend using either:

          - gcc (4.6 will be better than 4.5 but at least 4.5) with -march=btver1 or -march=native or

          - open64

          Open64 does not have specific tuning for the Family 14h architecture, but may have better higher level optimizations.  However, gcc has steadily improved performance in recent releases and will have Brazos specific support.