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Pre - research - buy inquiry;

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AMD Phenom X4 9950 - (HD995ZXAJ4BGH)
Processor: AMD Phenom X4, (64)
Model Number: 9950 Part Number: HD995ZXAJ4BGH
Socket Type: AM2+ / Black Edition
Wattage: 125
Speed: 2600 / 2.6 GHzBus Speed: 4000
L2 Cache Size: 2048 / 2MB L3 Cache
Cache Memory (installed): 4 MB Manufacturing Tech (CMOS): 65nm SOI
Stepping: B3   
Been wanting to do (this) for year's, hence, it's been on my 'back burner' - 'to do' list, as I've been amidst, for a long time, life stuff, ie: homelessness, lack of housing, misc; anyway, thing I'm at a point I can further inquiry and thus, try to gather - narrow, nip in the bud, the info I need, EVEN THOUGH AMD, I know I gotta 'buy' through one of your 3rd party's, I know, but I can still get pre - info first, from you before I go unto one of your 3rd party's. As such . . . As above, I do want to do that AMD 99, and either from/through you or (?) I heard: (7) component's, more less, make up (1) desktop. As such, what I care about the MOST is the AMD 99; all the other component's can be basic, I don't care.   I saw a (above) processor - complete desktop for $800 plus, uh, no. The processor, yes, I want, BUT, aside from no internal hard drive, as I got my own, it's the other component's, compatible and cheap/low in cost I need to know, BEFORE, I then go to one of your 3rd party's, NOW, are we on the same page???     BUT, I need to know: what are the simple, basic other component's, which can be generic, cheap, not high end, misc, thus, to work with and make that AMD 99 work, be it ram, graphics, misc. I don't care, I just need to know what is/are the item's that I could get that are generic and basic and a ideal price quote, before I go to one of AMD's 3rd party's; WHY? because like buying a used car without the engine, I'm gonna take my 'ok' 100 gb Samsung internal drive out of my last pc, as the other inside tower component's are bad, trust me, and put that 'ok' 100 gb Samsung internal drive into a new tower desktop case/casing. And note I do have (2) separate external drive's, which I never keep plugged into a desktop, Ionly plug them in when I'm off the web/internet - then to back up when needed then I unplug them, thus, a hacker, misc can't ruin what's not plugged in, get it? One external drive has last known old pc os backed up and the other has solely My Doc's, misc. No worries, I'll do update's, thus, after (down the road) with getting new AMD 99, misc desktop. But I gotta do thing's step by step. And first, again, like I said, I first need to know, before going to one of AMD's 3rd party's, is to know what other component's all basic (which I can increase/upgrade later), I just need to 'do this' already, it's been year's on my 'to do' list, you know. Thanks, much love, cuz, I ain't doing intel, it'll always be info/product (s) - wise = "AMD", nothing but love for ya. smile. List the item's, heck type something in MS Word then you can copy and paste your text into a compose email back to me, hence, no rush. As above, we know I want that AMD 99, but it's the other component's of the 7 - which make up a desktop thatI need to know, as I think, maybe, with a screw driver, misc, I may have to get/buy each of the 7 component's individually, and thus, in my home, put them together myself, inside the/a new tower, case/casing, as I will need to know how to do that, which Ican do, but don't wanna self screw it up, as to why I trust ya AMD, ok. WE, misc can do this. I seriously believe that. If I don't 'know', I can 'ask' AMD, misc. Get back to me, only when you have a chance, thanks, I appreciate it. But I know myself, I gotta self move on this (pre wise), before I go to one of your 3rd party's AMD. Also, separately, I heard/researched: Time Warner has got (now) 50 mb web speed service (down the road), that 50 mb + AMD's 99 quad core, and BAM! I'm jamming, cool, happy. No duel core or less for me.