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    Strange Undefined References

      Two undefines linking against ACML on a Xeon


      1. Can I link against ACML on a linux Xeon platform (x86_64)?

      2. I have a code that uses 3 VRDA functions: exp, log, and log10.  The first two are in the acml library, the third isn't but used to be.  What happened to it?

      3. When I eliminate vrda_log10 I still get two undefined references that I can't figure out.  Can you please suggest where they might be?

      ACML/pgi64/lib/libacml.so: undefined reference to `__fsz_exp'
      ACML/pgi64/lib/libacml.so: undefined reference to `pgf90io_sc_ch_ldw'


        • Strange Undefined References

          1.  Yes you can use ACML with non-AMD processors.  With ACML 5, the fma4 libraries will not run since intel does not support FMA instructions yet.  In this case, you should use the libraries that do not have fma4 in the pathname.

          2.  We have moved the vector and array trancendental functions to the AMD LibM libary.  This can be found on the AMD developer site at http://developer.amd.com/libraries/LibM/pages/AMDLibMFunctions.aspx.  vrda_log10 is included in the library.

          Since we are offering these as a seperate download, we have removed those functions from the ACML package.

          3. The undefined references may be due to using a different PGI compiler from what the ACML library was build with, or from not linking the appropriate PGI runtimes.  The first case seems more likely, since this used to work before.  We are using PGI 11.9 for the ACML 5.0.0 builds.