gDEBugger 6.0 Firepro 5900 error in debugger kernel

Discussion created by hyzr on Oct 19, 2011
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gDEBugger Firepro kernel

Hello every one

i use the Win7 32bit, Firepro 5900, gDEBugger 6.0 to debugger the code in SDK samples.

Everything is ok except the stepinto the kernel

it give a error message about "could not debug kernel. This kernel uses unsupported features"

and i search in the google, some said update the driver will resolve the problem.

I donwload the driver for Firepro from FirePro_8.83.5.4 to FirePro_8.85.7.2 and the catalyst 11.06 to 11.10

No one works well.

In the differernt versions of drivers, there are different version of SDK Runtime for OpenCL.  which one is the better one for the Firepro 5900?

Thank you for your advise!