ChoosePixelFormat crashing with Catalyst 11.10 preview

Discussion created by TheBMan on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2011 by TheBMan

After installing the Catalyst 11.10 preview (and previous 11.9 preview) drivers for Rage and Battlefield I'm getting consistent crashes when calling ChoosePixelFormat(...) with a valid PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR while creating an OpenGL context.  This works just fine with the release version of Catalyst 11.9.

I tried many different modes, bit depths, accumulation buffer settings and none of them work when calling ChoosePixelFormat(...) with the preview drivers.  Even the OpenGL extension viewer ( crashes with the same behavior where the driver stops working, the screen goes blank, then restarts.

If you need any other sample code I could post it here.

EDIT: This has been happening on Radeon HD6850 cards (both Sapphire and Powercolor)