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Less might be more!


Referring to http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/specs/opencl-1.1.pdf

and for example pages 76 - 98,  the number of combinations for the caller (application programmer) and for the implementation (programmer of functions) to code and to test is demanding - even if the programmer uses copy/paste as most obviously has been used in writing the specifications !

Note for example:

A. there might exist a dedicated function for 3D and for 2D image, whereas some functions handle both 2D and 3D images based on given parameters

B. a new function has been specified for example to copy although

one copy function might have been able to handle copy operation using parameters

C. amount of data to be checked by caller and by each function is huge! 

Referring to some other topics in this forum, the complexicity of OpenCL specifications might be one of the reasons to developent times ?


Q1. Would it be possible to simplyfy the specifications ?

Q2. Are all happy with http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/specs/opencl-1.1.pdf


a) AMD developers ?

b) application developers ?

c) tool developers ?

d) hardware developers ?

e) others such as those waiting for OpenCL software and hardware ?

Feedbacks wellcome!