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Oprofile collected no samples

Question asked by VincentSC on Oct 10, 2011

The program runs (I selected "show app in terminal" to be sure), but Oprofile collected no samples.

I run Ubuntu 64bit and trying to profile an OpenCL-program. The program was made with:


make -j16 all 

g++ -O2 -g -pg -Wall -fmessage-length=0   -c -o main.o main.cpp

g++ -lOpenCL -lrt -o main main.o 


I have no clue where to start looking how to solve this problem. I hope somebody on this forum can help me with giving ideas what to try.


-- OProfiled Statistics --

Nr. sample dumps: 2

Nr. non-backtrace samples: 0

Nr. kernel samples: 0

Nr. lost samples (no kernel/user): 0

Nr. lost kernel samples: 0

Nr. incomplete code structs: 0

Nr. samples lost due to sample file open failure: 0

Nr. samples lost due to no permanent mapping: 0