Assembler for HD69xx

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A work-in-progress...


Hi there,


Over the past little while I've been developing an assembler for HD69XX cards.  Just recently I've noticed a post or two on the forum mentioning an interest in coding in assembler.  So, while my "asm69" is still a work-in-progress, I thought I'd mention it in case anybody would like to take a look.  Unfortunately I don't have much time to spend on this now so it may well remain a work-in-progress for some time to come!


It uses lex/yacc, and needs mingw for use on windows.  There isn't much documentation yet I'm afraid. 


Some points to note about the assembly are:


1/ No numbering of instructions is necessary

2/ One can use labels in looping constructs

3/ Some "vectorized" instructions are available, e.g. VECMULADD R3,R0,R1,R2.


One prepares two text files, one containing the assembly and the other containing "setup" info.  The assembler then takes these as input and constructs an elf file that one can load into one's own program using CAL.


I've been using SDK2.4 and catalyst 11.5 on windows.


I'm afraid that things aren't quite working perfectly yet, and of course one should only try these things at one's own risk! 


So far only pixel shaders are supported; I've found it too difficult to understand how the setup stuff works for compute shaders!  Older cards could in principle be supported too, but the latest, being VLIW4 not VLIW5, seemed the simplest ones to start with.

Please see the link on:



Any feedback much appreciated! 


Best wishes,