Detailed data on new HD products

Discussion created by tanq on Oct 8, 2011
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Need help for upgrading

My HD4850 is quite obsolete now, I lookig for adequate upgrade for that. Main use of that vide is OpenCL, not games. So, I need some details on OpenCL performance of recent chips, including HD5XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX.

Is there some comparision table?

What data I looking for:

1) number of compute units

2) total teraflops

3) size of constant memory and LDS (I mean true LDS)

4) LDS bandwidth, constant bandwidth, global memory bandwidth

5) PCIe bandwidth and latency, is DMA working at all? It still broken on my radeon

7) latency of kernel launching - any improvements sine HD4850?

8) how fast global atomics are?

9) new features of HD7XXX vs HD6XXX