DF24 extension for DX9 and stencil

Discussion created by davidfarrell on Oct 6, 2011
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Does DF24 support stencil?

I'm porting an XB360/PS3 console game to the PS3 using DirectX 9. We need to access the depth buffer, so we use the INTZ extension when possible.

For some rigs, though, only the DF24 extension is available (in particular, many laptops have a Mobility 3400 series).

Everything works fine, except that it seems the DF24 format does not support stencil. Every combination of stencil test state I've used will pass--  even stencil state such as stenciltest=NEVER will still draw pixels. It would appear that DF24 simply does not support stencil.

Is this true? If it does support stencil, is there a set of conditions that would cause the stencil block to always pass pixels regardless of state?