GPU PerfStudio 2.7 is now publicly available

Discussion created by Lonesled Employee on Oct 6, 2011
Public release of GPU PerfStudio 2.7

GPU Developer Tools is pleased to announce that GPU PerfStudio 2.7 is publicly available from AMD Developer Central at:


GPU PerfStudio 2.7 Improvements:

·         OpenGL 4.0 is now supported

·         Stage Layouts

o    Pipeline Stage view now shows which stages are active at a draw call

o    New Image Resource Thumbnail viewer - allows the user to view image resources from different stages of the pipeline in one view

o    DX11/DX10 the stencil buffer has been removed from the OM layout. The Depth and Stencil images are both in the depth image in different channels

·         DX11/DX10

o    Frame Capture now supports the creation of vertex buffers inside a frame

o    DX11 Buffer Visualization support for shader inputs

o    DX11 CS UAV Visualization support for shader inputs

o    DX11 Constant buffers now display non-float data correctly

·         Profiler

o    New Profile delta feature allows the user to see the differences between two profiles


·         Shader Debugger

o    Vertex Shader debugging is now supported