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    TIFF file reader in APP SDK


      Hi all,

      I am new to OpenCL and APP SDK. I have been through some of the samples that come with the SDK. As far as I can see, only reading BitMap image is supported in it.

      I need to work on TIFF files and, more precisely, to read in TIFF images and do some image filtering with GPU (Radeon HD 5700).

      Can anyone please point out rough steps to make the SDK work with different types of images? Is there any other library that can do it?

      Thanks in advance!

        • TIFF file reader in APP SDK

          I think this is more of a general programming question than OpenCL. There are several free multi-purpose C/C++/... Image libraries out there which I would use if I were you to read in different image types and convert them to a useable format in memory.

          Ideally, you will read in your TIFF and convert it on the host - performing image conversion/ on the GPU is not worth the effort as host-device transfers, file I/O and OpenCL overhead would make any speedup too small to even notice.

          If image filtering is your goal, any image manipulation you perform in OpenCL should be done on a Bitmap style image anyway, as this is the most simple & efficient way of accessing image elements. So you should convert the TIFF to a 16/32bpp Bitmap array or Image2d data type on the host and then pass that to your OpenCL kernel.