register arrays

Discussion created by corry on Sep 20, 2011
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I keep having trouble refinding the sources for all the assumptions I had made, so let me just ask this, is it explicitly allowable to index a GP reg and as a destination using the a0 reg, and do I have to use mova like the docs say.  I only just refound those 2 pieces of info and had found by experimentation that something like  mov a0, l0, and something like add r[a0.x+r1.x], r5, r6 compiled just fine, but I fear "undefined" results...

Second, somewhere, I thought I saw index temp register arrays aren't actually registers. I had also thought I had seen that along with the dcl statement, that a calResAlloc was required, but I can't seem to find that anymore.

Last, is there a better (faster) way of doing things? r[a0+offset] or x0[offset]? Seems the a0 would have an additional alu call, but if x0 isn't really a register and is just ram or something, than I suppose all bets are off!

Thanks for still answering questions on this stuff!