Recommendations for building a GPU number cruncher

Discussion created by toffyrn on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by Meteorhead

We are discussing/planning on building a computer at school to experiment with parallelization within one machine, and then in particular GPGPU.

I would appreciate someone explaining the difference between typical gaming cards and GPGPU-cards (such as nv-Tesla or amd-firestream). Looking at the specs a 6970 would outperform other cards in every way other than the size of memory. If that is correct i don't see why anyone should buy the pro cards? :P

Planning on running this with linux (probably ubuntu), are there any dificulties with having two devices available for OpenCL?

Our current draft looks like this; 2x 6core amd cpu, 2x radeonhd6970, 48GB ram.

Feel free to comment this layout!